Skagit County Farm

Growing Veterans’ largest farm is in Skagit County, about ten miles south of Mt. Vernon, is located at 21025 Starbird Road Mt. Vernon, WA 98274. The easiest way to find the farm is from I-5. Take exit 218 for Starbird Road, and then continue east for about a mile. There will be a stop sign at the intersection of Bulson Road, continue east through the stop sign, and the farm will be on the north side of the road. Look for the flagpole!

Whatcom County Farm

The northernmost Whatcom County farm near Lynden, about ten miles north of Bellingham, is located at 6458 Martin Place Lynden, WA 98264. To get to the farm from Bellingham, take Highway 539 north. Note, there is a median that doesn’t allow left turns at King Tut Road, so there are two ways to bypass it. The first is to make a left from Highway 539 at Hemmi Road. Then, make a right at the first intersection, which is Old Guide Road, and continue north to King Tut Road. There take a right, continue east on King Tut Road until you intersect with Martin Place. Make that right, heading south, down the driveway until you find the farm.

The second way to get to the farm from Highway 539 involves fewer turns. Continue north on Highway 539 past King Tut Road, and you will enter a roundabout at Highway 544. Enter the roundabout and exit heading south, back the way you came, until the intersection of King Tut Road. There, make a right turn to the next right turn, Martin Place, and continue through the driveway until you find the farm.