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Invest in Growing Veterans with Cryptocurrency

Now accepting cryptocurrency!

If you are an early cryptocurrency adopter and want to support our mission, please find options below. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you are encouraged to research and get comfortable with this technology first (scroll to bottom of this page for useful links).

We appreciate your innovative approach to supporting our mission!

Donate Bitcoin

Clicking the link above redirects you to a BitPay portal. Any donation made through this link will go to Growing Veterans' bitcoin wallet. Follow the prompts and be sure to enter exact amounts.

You are also invited to donate directly with this QR code:

Or send directly to our address:


(View Wallet)

Donate "altcoins"

Clicking the link above redirects you to a Globee portal, allowing you to donate a variety of cryptocurrencies to our bitcoin wallet (BTC, XMR, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, DCR, LNBT, XRP) . Follow the prompts and be sure to enter exact amounts.


Thanks for your innovative investment in Growing Veterans!


General Information & Disclaimers

  • If you are donating over $500 worth of cryptocurrency we are happy to sign an IRS Form 8283 for you. Please contact us ahead of time to speed up the receipt process.
  • If your donation is over $5,000 in value you will need to work with a Qualified Appraiser in order to make a tax deduction (See 26 US Code 170 (f)(11)(c)).
  • All transactions to our Bitcoin wallet are unrestricted, non-refundable donations.
  • We are unable to accept cryptocurrencies for any other purpose than a donation. Please use normal cash/debit/credit to pay for items on our online store, as well as tickets to fundraisers.
  • We are unable to provide technical support for cryptocurrency transactions. Please contact BitPay or Globee if there is an issue or question with your transaction. You can confirm your transaction was successful with any Bitcoin block explorer.


Further Research:

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