Who We Are

Mission & History

Our mission: 

We cultivate belonging and purpose through farming and peer support.

Our vision: 

To create a culture of honor, truth, and understanding, where we connect and strengthen the roots of humanity.

Founding Story:

Growing Veterans was founded by a combat wounded USMC veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Christopher Brown, and a former mental health counselor turned farmer, Christina Wolf. Together, they agreed using the farm as the catalyst for human connection and veteran reintegration could have a powerful impact on the health and well being of not only vets returning home, but the world. They were crazy enough to believe it could happen, and just smart enough to pull it off.

Both remain involved behind the scenes with the organization, using their institutional knowledge and professional expertise to advise Growing Veterans' leadership and programatic direction. Christopher now works full-time as a PTSD counselor for combat veterans at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, and Christina is in the process of identifying what her next mission will be. We believe it is important to recognize the fact one of them is a veteran, and the other a civilian. Only through the mutual engagement and support between veterans AND civilians, will we see veterans having a complete and holistic transition home into our communities after military service.