Who We Are

Acknowledging the many issues veterans face: unemployment, homelessness, suicide, divorce, and depression – we believe that in most cases the root cause of these issues is social isolation. Isolated from the peers they served with, from family and friends, from the community as a whole, it can be difficult for a veteran to remain resilient and get the proper support they need. While working in the fields we talk about our wartime experience, issues we’re having gaining access to the VA, struggles we face in school using the GI Bill, suicide, politics, relationships, medications…  we even laugh and poke fun at each other, sometimes ruthlessly, because that’s what camaraderie is all about. After all, most of us are vets too.

Our impact since 2015:

  • 91,000 lbs of food grown
  • 26,000 lbs of food donated
  • 10,804 volunteer hours logged
  • Avg. of 23 people per Peer Supporter are receiving support within first three months of training

Our vets report:

  • 87% increased purpose & belonging
  • 91% satisfaction in professional & skill development
  • 74% improved communication skills
  • 82% made new friendships
  • 78% getting more physical activity

In 2012 the Department of Veterans Affairs conducted a study which discovered for 10-years running, there was an average of 18-22 veteran suicides per day in the United States. Many of our veterans have friends they served with who have gone this unfortunate route- and we’re tired of standing by while the trend continues. Our vision is to make an impact on veteran suicide by targeting the root cause: isolation. Using the farm as the platform, we provide a space where veterans can work together, support each other, and engage with the broader community to have a full and successful transition home.

The Logo

Upside Down Helmet: represents the end of military service and acknowledges that we can never forget our roots.
Veggies Growing out of Helmet: represents the abundance of life that we grow and sustain, physically and metaphorically.
Seal: represents military emblems, giving us a new emblem to take pride in.